LDRAunit follows a typical unit test methodology by taking the smallest piece of testable software in an application, isolating it from the remainder of the code, and determining whether it behaves as expected.

LDRAunit tests code units separately before integrating them into modules and then systems to simplify identification of which part of the code might be failing to deliver expected results. This maximises test throughput and repeatability to significantly increase overall test benefit. In turn, this frees developers to focus on ensuring that the functionality of software under development has been implemented correctly, including appropriate error handling, and helps software development managers avoid delays caused by postponing the discovery and correction of defects until system test.


Save time and resources with stand-alone unit test tool through:

  • Automated test driver / harness generation with no manual scripting requirement
  • High levels of test throughput via the intuitive graphical and command line interface options
  • Sophisticated automated analysis facilities which reduce test effort, freeing developers and empowering testers
  • Storage and maintenance of test data and results for fully automated regression analysis
  • Automated detection and documentation of source code changes
  • Tool-driven test vector generation
  • Execution of tests on host, target, and in simulator environments
  • Automated generation of test case documentation including pass/fail and regression analysis reports

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