Storyboard Designer

Accelerate and Simplify Embedded GUI Development

Crank Storyboard™ Designer enables user interface (UI) designers to easily design the look and feel of a product, and then deploy a production-ready interface directly to the embedded target. Designers maintain full control over the UI and user experience (UX) without having to perform a hand off to an embedded systems engineer for implementation.

Crank Storyboard Designer

From Design To Implementation. Fast

Getting a product out to market on time and on budget is no easy feat. Storyboard Designer helps make this a reality by enabling a rapid development environment. Graphic Designers can easily import Adobe Photoshop PSD files into Storyboard Designer. Using the imported PSD file the embedded engineer can quickly start applying actions and events to controls of the application.

Smarter, Collaborative Workflow

What Storyboard Suite brings to the table is its abliity to be used throughout the entire development cycle. PSD files from your design team can be easily imported as a foundation for your application. System Engineers and Graphic Designers can then work together to add functionality or other image assets to your application. Without the need to compile your application, you can very quickly simulate the application on your desktop to immediately see the changes that were made.

From Functional Prototype To Real-World Production

Testing your application prototype on your desktop is simple with the simulator that is built into Storyboard Designer. Because the simulator in Storyboard Designer is the same as the engine used in the production environment, you get an accurate simulation of the final application look and feel. This provides ease-of-mind during the design and development process that the final application in production will look and behave as expected, creating less churn at the end of the development cycle.

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