TBmanager provides a flexible way to link requirements, design, source code, tests, analyses and associated artefacts within the software development lifecycle. By integrating requirements management, ALM and development tools with the LDRA tool suite, TBmanager provides the bidirectional traceability and impact analysis features required to meet functional safety and cybersecurity standards while reducing development cost, risk and time-to-market.

TBmanager 2020

TBmanager addresses software development lifecycle pain points

An automatically generated Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) relates each high level requirement to the completed software product and its development and verification artefacts, and communicates the project status to the requirements management tool of choice. Highlights include the ability to:

  • define and manage project and certification standard objectives alongside requirements, using a drag-and-drop functionality to highlight relationships between objectives, requirements, test artefacts, and project documents
  • automatically collate test artefacts generated from code review, quality review, unit test, and code coverage and associate them with the user and test in which they were performed
  • collate references to external documents to manage evidence and traceability documents and assign them as assets or artefacts for use throughout the project.
  • enhance collaboration with team members by assigning and viewing deliverables and creating placeholders that are available upstream for other users or the project manager
  • display code review, code coverage, and code metrics in the context of project requirements and objectives
  • link requirements engineering artefacts produced throughout the software development lifecycle to requirements and objectives

End-to-end traceability is illustrated graphically, allowing analysts and project managers to see a complete picture of traceability. Allocated requirements and the output from verification activities are visible to appropriate team members, test results are recorded, and the impact of any changes is flagged.

TBmanager leverages an appropriate TBmanager Integration Package (TIP) to support a wide variety of document and RTM solutions including offerings from Atlassian, IBM, Intland, Jama, Microsoft, Siemens, and SILKROAD.

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