There’s always a Logic solution!

Wessem, The Netherlands, September 13, 2021 – Since 1993, Logic Technology has been supporting hardware and software engineers to develop great products by offering the right tools and electronics for the job. Be it hardware components like computer modules or devkits, or software components like UEFI BIOS, Database Management Systems, Reliable File Systems, Test- Validation- and Compliance tools – we know where efficiency can be gained in all stages of the product life cycle.

Logic Technology: Ready for the next decade of embedded solutions

Today, with embedded, IoT and enterprise systems being interconnected and merging, Logic Technology is expanding its horizon beyond the traditional embedded markets into enterprise technology. Technology and solutions once developed for embedded systems developers, now also can be applied to enterprise software development and vice versa, and many of our embedded clients benefit in applying mixed space technology.

In the past months we have re-evaluated our companies’ strengths, which resulted in a clear vision for the future. To reinforce our values and mission, which we found still stand strong after almost 30 years, a fresh new appealing brand image was designed. This vision puts an even higher emphasis on pragmatical solutions for embedded developers and engineers. Sometimes our solution can be as simple as a handy tip in our blog, or with some investment in the right tools can help save precious time and resources e.g. by cutting down build compilation times significantly. It doesn’t matter which industry you’re in –  automotive, medical, industrial, IoT, enterprise or any other – we have the right solutions to your challenges.

We invite you to meet us at one of the upcoming industry events; check out the events page on the website. Fill in the Contact form and let us know how we can help to overcome the challenges you’re facing when developing your next embedded project.

Finally, we would like to say ‘thank you’ to the partners, clients and technology-enthusiasts that have continuously showed their faith in Logic Technology. This is the essence that gave our company its reason to live, and is the base on which we will keep on growing into the future.