The State of Open Source Vulnerabilities 2021

WhiteSource’s annual report on the state of open source vulnerabilities found that a record-breaking number of new open source security vulnerabilities was published in 2020.

In the research, WhiteSource focused on open source security’s weakest and strongest points in the hopes of bringing some clarity to the fast-paced and complex space of known open source security vulnerabilities.
Read the report to learn;

  • ​What were the most common CWEs in open source vulnerabilities in 2020?
  • Which of the top programming languages had the most open source vulnerabilities in 2020?
  • How can development and security teams best address vulnerabilities’ prioritization and remediation?
  • How the open-source and security communities are evolving when it comes to AppSec?
WhiteSource open source vulnerabilities

Request the Open Source Vulnerabilities Report 2021 here.