The essential role of software in the manufacturing industry

The 8th of December 2022 was an important day for the Dutch manufacturing industry. A diverse group of engineers and managers assembled at the FHI (Dutch Federation of Technology Industries) headquarters to take part in a first interactive Software Cluster seminar focussed on the importance of embedded software in a product design.

As chairman of this seminar and managing director of leading embedded specialist Logic Technology, Gilbert Gadet guided the group in their discussions around software in the manufacturing industry.

For clients outsourcing product development, the cost of software development is an important factor  in the overall development budget. The level of detail and accuracy of clients’ requirements has direct and lasting impact on the cost and duration of the project. The first session of the seminar  zoomed in on the importance of these requirements and the importance of client coordination from a contractors’ point of view. Engineering companies Van Mierlo and Intemo, together with GBO, a design agency, showed a prime example of excellent requirement analysis, in KPN’s product “Klasgenoot” or “Classmate” in English.  Which enables sick children to digitally be present in class, able to interact with their teacher and classmates while being absent.

The second session debated what happens when the boundary between software and hardware fades. QBayLogic demonstrated that there is no fundamental difference between functional programming languages for microprocessors and those based on architectural design like an FPGA. 

Whether it be cost, competence or else, sometimes the client decides to develop software in-house. How do you secure your IP and make sure your software is futureproof? With session one in mind,  The last session was hosted by Indes-IDS and zoomed in on tools, software components and competences when a client wants to own his software.

During and after the sessions, there were many interactions between the presenters and the audience and it is fair to conclude that all attendees were in agreement on the importance of (embedded) software for their companies. With their input the FHI, its Software Cluster and Logic Technology will definitely shape future events regarding embedded systems.

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