Speed up Klocwork Static Code Analysis

Static Code Analysis is one way of ensuring code quality and it is gaining popularity in the software industry. They are not always the easiest tools to operate, but some software developers like them because they allow them to spend more time at the coffee machine whilst the tool is analyzing the code. Release Managers dislike them for the same reason but also because they need to balance speed and quality knowing that the overall codebase will increase over time.

Good news for Klocwork Static Code Analyzer users on Windows platforms: There now is an accelerator available that fully integrates with Klocwork and your DevOps pipeline.

And if you are not using Klocwork? No worries the accelerator can be used to accelerate DevOps in many more ways too.

Read the full article here, and feel free to contact me if you want to speed up your DevOps too!

About the discoverer

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