Red Hat OpenShift Certification for Kovair DevOps platform

Kovair Software, one of the leaders in software development tools and integrations, has now achieved Red Hat OpenShift Certification on Helm Chart for its DevOps platform. This certification helps reassure enterprise customers globally that Kovair DevOps is supported on Red Hat OpenShift. Therefore, customers can better enable cyber security capabilities and streamline execution for Kovair DevOps deployments in OpenShift clusters with Kovair’s Red Hat certified container image and deployment package using Helm Chart.

Kovair DevOps provides enterprise customers with the CI/CD practices necessary to deploy applications to any platform at any scale with the power of a concurrent task-based pipeline for orchestration of release activities, builds and deployment of automation functions, and real-time analytics. Moreover,

Kovair DevOps comes with some enriched capabilities such as:

• Support for deployment in heterogeneous environments like on-premises or cloud
• Support for shells and Windows command execution in pre-build steps
• Support for distributed builds with multiple agents
• Plugin for Kubernetes supporting Kubernetes commands and deployment
• Integration with other phases of delivery helps organizations efficiently manage their value stream
• Allows managing pipeline execution remotely by e-mail
• Support for manual tasks for approval at different stages
• Support for notification on the build status
• Support for Pipeline-as-a-Code