Omnibus Software Development Integration Platform

Omnibus Integration Platform is an Enterprise Services Bus (ESB) platform for better collaboration, tools interoperability, increased agility and unified product delivery.

Cross functional teams using tools of their choice creates lot of disruption in the delivery process. Kovair Omnibus with its 110+ tools integrations across areas of ALM, PPM, CRM, ITSM, ERP and PLM allows organizations to setup a integrated tools ecoystem and establish a seamless collaboration platform. It helps organizations to:

  • Ensure proper utilization of human resources.
  • Improve product quality by eliminating duplicate work.
  • Have real-time visibility on project progress with accuracy.
  • Reduce time to market with increased delivery efficiency.


Easy Setup

Integrate your tools in a plug-n-play manner easily in few minutes with mouse click configuration.

End-to-end traceability

Achieve complete visibility of the project with end-to-end traceability established using cross tool data.

Guaranteed Data Synchronization

Built-in disaster recovery mechanism to ensure guaranteed data synchronization with zero data loss

Integrate tools across boundaries

Connect tools across any network boundary, private or public cloud easily.

Handle Conflicts

Built-in support for conflict resolution during data synchronization.

Real-time Metrics

Ensure time and quality of delivery through real-time metrics and dashboards using cross tool data.

Enterprise Services Bus Platform: Integrations from Kovair


  • Complete visibility to Value Stream through real-time data-based reports & dashboards by integrating your existing tool chain deployed over on premise, multi-cloud environments with Kovair Omnibus.
  • Align project teams with your business strategy through mouse click configurable plug-n-play integration scenarios based on business demand.
  • Orchestrate multiple automated workflows between disparate systems and standardize the workflows to deploy applications more efficiently through Omniprocess Workflow engine of Omnibus.
  • Help teams take informative decisions by making critical data available in their preferred systems through bi-directional synchronization of data between tools in a near real-time manner.
  • View on-screen monitors to understand the volumes of data getting synchronized between tools to monitor integration health.
  • Implement any integration scenario over an intuitive interface through simple mouse clicks. Configure different data transformation rules to implement complex integration scenarios.

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