Model Driven Software Engineering

In Model Driven Software Engineering (MDSE), the model of a software application is specified on a higher abstraction level than traditional programming languages. The model is automatically transformed into a working software application by generating validated code. While the used model is on a higher abstraction level it is much smaller compared to the same model expressed in code: each element in the model represents multiple lines of code. Hence, you can build more functionality in the same time.
Advantages of using MDSE compared to traditional coding: Develop applications faster, more cost effective development, optimized code generators increase quality of the code, less error prone code, validation can be done on the Model, less dependency on individual programmers, better maintainable, less dependent on changes in technology, enforces architecture, captures domain knowledge and it provides up-to-date documentation.

Model Driven Software Engineering

Arttest combines unparalleled workflow automation and powerful functionalities for signal processing in an uncluttered, user-friendly interface. It is a powerful tool for functional testing of MATLAB®/Simulink® models as recommended by ISO 26262.

Dezyne is a new generation of model-driven software engineering tools that enables software engineers to create, explore and formally verify designs for state based, event driven or concurrent software systems. It leads to generated code that is robust, reliable and trustworthy. The results include a 50% reduction in development costs, 20% decrease in time to market and a 25% reduction in the cost of field defects.

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