Mindmotiv GmbH and Logic Technology are proud to announce their partnership

Thanks to Arttest, Functional Safety on the Model Level Has Never Been Faster, Easier, or More Powerful.

With Arttest, Mindmotiv provides a best-in-class solution for efficient model-based embedded software development, testing and quality assurance that fits perfectly in Logic Technology’s range of embedded software solutions. With Arttest, Logic is another step closer in its mission to empower the swift optimization of embedded product development. Logic Technology is going to establish Arttest as the quality standard embedded testing platform in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany.

“Nowadays, embedded systems run every part of our daily lives. They drive our cars, fly our planes, manage our smart factories and control our medical devices. For embedded software engineers, this poses huge challenges for the implementation of increasingly complex systems that can cause grievous errors and loss of human live. Arttest enables developers and testers to easily transfer requirements into naturally readable, easy to understand, yet incredibly powerful test cases to ensure functional safety from the earliest stages of development, where error correction costs incidentally are lowest. It’s simple: Mindmotiv’s approach to embedded testing significantly speeds up our customer’s product development cycle while increasing product quality at the same time.” – Gilbert Gadet, Managing Director, Logic Technology B.V.

Mindmotiv is pleased to find an established partner in Logic Technology with over 25 years of experience in embedded solutions.

“Logic Technology offers a wide range of embedded software, hardware, and services, and we believe that Mindmotiv is a natural fit for their ecosystem given our focus on delivering a cutting-edge embedded testing and quality assurance platform that scales industry domains and markets. Logic has deep knowledge and experience in the embedded industry, which will enable them to deliver Arttest to the customers who will benefit the most from this powerful software tool.” – Philip Mayer, Managing Director, Mindmotiv GmbH.

Arttest’s user interface with live signal preview