Logic Technology and Whitesource Software Collaborate to Improve Open Source Software Analysis

Boston, USA – 19 March 2021 – Logic Technology, a specialist in the European market in providing hardware and software solutions for the embedded industries, have announced they will partner with WhiteSource, the market leader in Software Composition Analysis solutions.“We at Logic Technology see a growing trend in the number of development companies using open source in their application’s code base. However, a majority of the developers is not aware of the possible vulnerabilities certain open source components can contain and whether or not they comply with their company’s licensing policies.

Our market research for tools that overcome these unwanted and dangerous software flaws lead us to WhiteSource Software. WhiteSource’s software composition analysis offers exactly what open source developers need in order to tackle these issues”, says Gevorg Melikdjanjan, product manager at Logic Technology.

WhiteSource is the pioneer of open source security and license compliance management. Founded in 2011, its vision is to empower businesses to develop better software by harnessing the power of open source. WhiteSource is used by more than 800 customers worldwide, from all verticals and sizes, including 23% of Fortune 100 companies, as well as industry leaders such as Microsoft, IBM and Comcast.

WhiteSource’s advanced technology makes it easy to develop secure software without compromising on speed or agility. With native integration into all environments, WhiteSource enforces policies automatically, spotting problems before they surface or remediating as soon as they are detected. It alerts you immediately regarding new vulnerabilities or compliance issues to minimize your exposure to risk. This type of technology is a valuable addition to Logic’s portfolio of solutions where they strive to eliminate risks early in their clients’ embedded projects.

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