LDRA Integrates with Microsoft Azure DevOps

Integration enables aviation and defense entities to build software on the cloud-hosted development platform using security best practices from the start.

LDRA, the leader in standards compliance, automated software verification, software code analysis, and test tools, announced integration with Microsoft Azure DevOps. LDRA’s integration with this cloud-hosted development and deployment solution helps small- and medium-sized organizations more efficiently deploy the ‘shift left’ strategy—a core principle of DevSecOps. Using this methodology, military and defense providers can build security best practices into the earliest stages of software development. The LDRA tool suite also allows Azure developers to easily share results with management at any stage of the process from any computer.

The LDRA tool suite adds testing to the Azure cloud pipeline to more efficiently assess an operation, a file or groups of operations/files while also helping  focus. The integration of LDRA tools to Azure’s existing testing tools improves software robustness, enhances security and delivers faster time to market. Security holes can be found and fixed much faster and earlier with this DevSecOps framework.

Military Organizations Benefit from Move to Cloud-based DevSecOps

This new integration is especially beneficial for aviation and defense organizations whose security concerns caused them to be hesitant to work in the cloud. As the benefits of cloud-hosted development become more obvious, they have sought out development platforms that ensure their code is high quality, safe and secure. Using the LDRA tool suite with the Azure DevOps provides that additional assurance. They can execute the security tests more efficiently across one or many tasks in parallel.

LDRA/Azure integration is a model for integration in public clouds as well as private clouds. For instance, PlatformOne, a US government-focused model that enables build and development tools, works with the same infrastructure used in the Azure/LDRA. This allows developers working in government and secure sites to leverage the benefits of DevSecOps with the infrastructure they have.

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