Intel® System Debugger

JTAG-Assisted Debug & Trace Solution For Intel® Architecture

The Intel® System Debugger incorporates Intel’s own sophisticated JTAGIn-Target Probe (ITPXDP3BR) or alternatively the Closed Chassis Adapter (ITPXDPSVT) and a high-level-language debugger that provides deep system-wide insight into Intel® Architecture based platforms for more robustness and reliable systems. Specific OS-awareness modules for Embedded and Real-time Operating Systems make Intel® System Debugger the right solution to solve developers’ complex debug challenges and help accelerate time to market of Intel Architecture-based embedded devices.

Intel Authorized Distributor

Logic Technology is an Intel Authorized distributor for debug tools and software.

Intel System Debugger

Quickly Isolate Complex System Issues

Comprehensive, system-wide hardware and software event tracing helps to efficiently pinpoint issues with time-stamped, correlated trace information and analyze complex interactions between software and hardware.

System-Wide, Closed-Chassis Debugging

JTAG*-based debug and trace over a standard USB connection adds flexibility and lowers costs, removing the need to access a JTAG port.

Extended Insight Into Windows* System For Enhanced Reliability

System debug and trace extensions for Microsoft* WinDbg* Kernel Debugger help simplify platform bring-up and Windows driver validation. Debug a completely halted Windows system, including drivers and interrupts, and isolate complex run-time issues faster with Intel® Processor Trace.

Effectively Debug Compute-Intensive Code Offloaded To Graphics Cores

Use simple compiler directives (e.g., #pragma) to mark compute- intensive code to cooperatively execute across processor and graphics cores. An extended debugger now supports debugging
code running on the graphics cores in addition to the processor cores.