Intel® SVT Closed Chassis Adapter

Intel® Silicon View Technology Closed Chassis Adapter (also known as SVTCCA or BSSB) provides access to DFx-features, like JTAG and Run-control, through USB3 port(s) on Intel® Direct Connect Interface (DCI) enabled silicon and platforms. The tool enables closed-chassis use-cases where USB3-hosted DCI is limited, intermittent, or unavailable and includes initial cold boot, suspend-state operation and survival, Reset-flows, and USB3 or IOSF path failures. Intel® ITP software or Intel® System Bring-up Toolkit NDA software is required – software is sold separately.

Intel Authorized Distributor

Logic Technology is an Intel Authorized distributor for debug tools and software.

Intel® SVT Closed Chassis Adapter


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  • This device is sold specifically for the testing of performance, compatibility and/or device interoperability. This device has not been subjected to the FCC equipment approval process. User must ensure compliance with applicable FCC rules. Over-the-air operation on licensed frequencies permitted only with consent of licensee or in an anechoic chamber or Faraday cage.

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