Incredibuild and Logic Technology Partner to Significantly Improve Developer Build Times

February 22nd, 2022, Wessem, The Netherlands – Logic Technology, one of the Netherlands’ leading resellers of embedded systems development products, has announced a partnership with Incredibuild, an Israeli company offering a first-of-its-kind hybrid and generic acceleration platform for development processes. The partnership will focus on promoting Incredibuild’s build-accelerating product in Benelux and the German speaking countries.

Developers are burdened with significant wait times – often hours – when programming code which needs to be compiled. Incredibuild accelerates the build process by up to 8X, enabling developers to work more efficiently, saving software development companies valuable time which they can use to improve their own solutions. Incredibuild also contributes to much quicker product release times – a key advantage in competitive markets.

“Builds consist of multiple, concurrent processes, so to streamline the entire process, Incredibuild allocates work to any idle CPU-cores in a companies’ on-premise or cloud network,” said Gilles Hendrikx, Product Manager at Logic Technology. “By making efficient use of all the available computing power, build times are significantly lower.”

With software growing more and more complex, hardware components are often the bottleneck when it comes to build times. Lengthy builds are typically scheduled overnight to save on development time, but developers risk losing additional time if an overnight compilation encounters issues – a challenge Incredibuild helps solve. Incredibuild offers time-saving potential for small, incremental builds, with significant impact on developers’ daily output capabilities, leading to meaningful cost savings for enterprises.

Logic Technology has been working with European companies developing software and hardware for business practice optimization for over 25 years.

“As cross-border collaborations become increasingly common, the crucial nature of continuous integration and delivery have become more and more apparent to enterprises in a wide variety of industries,” said Tami Shachar, CEO of Incredibuild. “We are thrilled to expand our global reach in partnership with Logic Technology, offering Incredibuild’s time and cost-saving solutions to developers in this region.”

About Logic Technology

Logic Technology provides companies who develop complex electronics with hardware, tools and software that speed up product development and increase the productivity of the developers as well as the quality of their output, allowing them to focus on what is really important: The creation of great products! Learn more at Logic Technology’s website.

About Incredibuild

Incredibuild turbocharges development with our Virtualized Distributed Processing™ technology that turns every host into a supercomputer with hundreds of cores. Incredibuild seamlessly distributes processes across idle processors in the network on-prem and dynamically allocates cloud capacity based on availability and cost. Using the same code, processes, and tools, developers and managers accelerate product development with 8x faster builds, 80% shorter release cycles, and 4x the number of iterations, consistently releasing better products to market radically faster.