Intel® System Bring-up Toolkit

Reducing the time it takes to go from pre-silicon to production can be an enormous competitive advantage. The Intel® System Bring-up Toolkit delivers what developers need to accelerate system bring-up and optimization—whether you’re a device manufacturer, system integrator, or IoT software provider.

Intel® System Bring up Toolkit

This collection of debug, trace, and power and performance analysis tools allow developers to quickly debug and analyze the entire platform, including:

  • Hardware
  • Firmware, UEFI, BIOS
  • Operating system kernels, device drivers, and more

Regardless of whether you’re in pre- or post-silicon development, the results are:

  • Faster time to market
  • Optimized performance and power or thermal behavior
  • Increased efficiency and productivity

The Intel System Bring-up Toolkit replaces the Intel System Studio Ultimate Edition and is available under NDA. Please contact us for availability and pricing.


System Debug
Simplify system bring-up, validation, and platform testing by resolving issues quickly with deep hardware and software insights to ensure platform stability and market success.

Power Analysis
Quickly measure how your system is operating with respect to power by correlating key hardware and software metrics to optimize idle, battery life, active power, and thermal behavior.

Performance Analysis
Pinpoint code-tuning opportunities with a performance profiler that delivers a deep, comprehensive analysis of system performance characteristics to ensure faster cross-architecture performance.

What’s Included

Intel® SoC Watch
Analyze system power and thermal behavior on Intel® platforms with this command line tool.

Intel® System Debugger
Speed up system bring-up and validation of hardware and system software using in-depth debug and trace of BIOS/UEFI, firmware, device drivers, operating system kernels, and more.

Intel® VTune™ Profiler
Find and optimize performance bottlenecks across CPU, GPU, and FPGA systems.

System Studio Intel System Bring-up Toolkit

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