J-Testr+ Mini

The fixture assembly, unlike other small fixtures on the market, has a full front pull in system, just like on larger fixtures. This makes it fully capable of being used in higher volume applications and not just in low volume/laboratory applications. 

The fixture UUT plate is fully inter-changeable and can comfortably support PCB sizes up to 165mm x 110mm, with a recommended maximum of 150 pins (using standard force pins). This inter-changeability allows ultimate flexibility such that the same tester setup can be used for multiple UUTs, thus maximising the customer’s return on investment.  

​The unique fixture design fits simply and directly on top of a standard J-Testr, without interfering with its interposer, and is fastened into place with side panels. The whole operation can be completed within minutes allowing rapid swapping of the J-Testr interposer if needed.

Once fitted on top of the J-Testr, the electrical connections can be made using the “EZ-Wired” connection concept to link the pin connection board with the J-Testr interposer. A rear access panel allows the user direct access to both these cards to make the connections.

Even with the super compact dimension of the J-Testr+ Mini there is still space to fit an optical LED analyser and/or a high speed programming module if required.

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