J-Testr+ Midi

The fixture UUT probe plate is fully inter-changeable and supports PCB sizes up to 285mm x 240mm with a recommended maximum of 2000N contact force (up to 1000 pins). This inter-changeability allows ultimate flexibility such that the same tester setup can be used for multiple UUTs, thus maximising the customer’s return on investment.

J-TESTR + Midi

The J-Testr+ Midi can include a horizontal ‘interim pylon connection’ between the inter-changable unit and the main fixture frame. The pylon connection supports up to 510 “EZ-Wired” compatible connections, or up to 850 using more traditional connection methods. The pylon interconnect can support other connection types including high power, optical, RF, etc.

The J-Testr system itself is mounted centrally at the very rear of the J-Testr+ Midi fixture base box. This allows the J-Testr rear connections, including the customisable interposer connector edge, to be available at the back of the fixture for easy external access. This allows users the convenience of placing connections to the outside of the test system directly from the J-Testr interposer, e.g. Debug ports, USB connection, etc.

​The J-Testr+ Midi comes with the option of an RF chamber and includes standard mounting points for a Min-Circuits FCPM6000 power meter/frequency counter within the fixture base box. This allow the J-Testr+ Midi to be made into a full RF testing solution, for applications such a Bluetooth, ZigBee and WIFI, with the ability to test RF output power and RF frequency all within an ultra-compact RF test system.

Download Case Study “Customer Case Owlet Baby Monitoring”

J-Testr Midi Customer Case

“The test solution provided by Eiger Design, utilizing the J-Testr, J-RF and ATEASY software platform, has surpassed our expectations in performance and test coverage for such a small physical footprint. The whole development cycle, from concept to completion, proved to be flexible and professional allowing us to meet our demand and quality requirements.”

Ryan Workman – Supply Chain Manager Owlet Care

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