J-Testr+ GTI

The J-Testr+ GTI test systems give the user a complete FCT (Functional Circuit Test) solution in an extremely compact footprint. With the integrated & configurable J-Testr system and Generic Test Interposer (GTI), the system is completely ready for use with no customisation work required. All stimulation and measurement signals are readily available at either the standard 2.54mm pitch ribbon cable headers (low-cost manual direct plugging option), or at an automatically plugging ‘Pylon’ mass connection type interface.

The J-Testr+ GTI test systems contain some very unique features including a compact size,  a prototyping kit, ‘Pass through’ wiring, an ‘EZ-Wired’ pylon interface and integrated oscilloscope option. 

J-Testr GTI-test-system

Key Features

  • Complete functional test system
  • Ready to test with no customization
  • Integrated oscilloscope & RF measurement options
  • Flexible choice of test software language
  • Compact space-saving footprint
  • Highly configurable and versatile
  • Unique Prototype Exchangeable option

Ready To Use Test Solution

The J-Testr+ GTI test system is a complete functional circuit test system in a compact, ready to use desktop format. Measuring 465mm x 500mm in standard form and with all Unit Under Test (UUT) surfaces ESD safe it can fit into any production process. The  J-Testr+ GTI utilises a unique system of Exchangeable Units , making it a test solution configurable for all levels of volume from prototype to full production. 
The J-Testr+ GTI includes options such as ; RF and integrated oscilloscope , LED analyser, high speed programming and JTAG and as standard incorporates J-Safe our advanced defence against board level faults offering a system-wide protection scheme.

GTI – Test Straight Out Of The Box

With the Generic Test Interposer (GTI) the system is ready to use with no customisation required. All stimulation and measurement signals are readily available whether automatically plugging with a mass inter-connect system (e.g. Pylon) or direct plugging with standard pitch ribbon cable.  Both Ethernet and native JTAG communication interfaces are supported and the simple register based software interface allows users to choose their own  test software environment and operating system.

Exchangeable Unit For Easy & Rapid Changeover

The connector pin-outs on the Exchangeable Units are identical for low cost direct plugging or mass inter-connect options, allowing simple transition between interface types. 
All Exchangable Units use standard pin and pitch interfaces supporting all stimulation and measurement signal types, keeping connection types the same and allowing the use of standard cables.
Flexible ‘Pass-Thru’ wiring enables easy routing of low or high speed signals between the UUT and additional equipment, internal or external to the J-Testr+ GTI system.

Prototype Test Made Simple

A unique ‘Prototype Exchangeable Unit’ allows the test system to be used immediately upon receiving the first/prototype UUT with NO tooling. This allows test developers, or even R+D teams, to utilise the test system from a very early stage in the product development cycle. Test development and design verification can be done before committing to ‘Bed of Nails’ tooling, allowing developed test code/circuitry to be easily reused and passed forward to the final production test, saving significant time and resource. 
Using our J-Mount, the UUT can be held securely with quick and easy insertion, lock and release, without damage to components or solder joints. 

Expandable And Versatile

​J-Testr Peripheral Cards add modular measurement and/or stimulation functions to the J-Testr system. The ‘peripheral’ name is used to reflect the simple microcontroller-like ‘register-based’ control mechanism of the J-Testr. I.e. Similar to the peripherals incorporated in most modern micro-controllers.
Connection from the Exchangeable Unit  to the pins, and on to the UUT, can be achieved using our  ‘EZ-Wired’ concept with a custom Connection Card, or with more traditional wire wrap, or even direct soldered wires. These options provide complete flexibility for all UUT types and complexity. 
Multiple expansion options are possible via internal  ports, ‘Pass-Thru’ wiring and a system expansion area. Options for integrated oscilloscopes, RF power/frequency meters and RF signal generators can be added. These features give the J-Testr+ GTI test system advanced signal measurement capabilities for testing the latest Internet of Things (IOT) devices. 
In addition, third party equipment such as LED analysers, JTAG boundary scan systems and high speed programmers are easily integrated internally to match UUT testing requirements.
As the J-Testr+ GTI test system utilises the J-Testr+ Midi fixture, it includes all the mechanical customisation features that are offered by this product. This includes a simple customisable front panel, VESA PC mounting, cable access slot/holes and rear mounts. 

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