Functional Testers

Highly modular functional test systems controllable via JTAG and Ethernet. The small physical footprint and stowage features maximise the use of production space and also makes the J-Testr portable and easy to store. 

Eiger Design J-TESTR Functional Testers

Arttest is a powerful tool for functional testing of MATLAB®/Simulink® models as recommended by ISO 26262. Arttest provides solutions for authoring, managing and reviewing simulation-based tests. A domain-specific language reflects the elements of semi-formal textual requirements that are widely used in the industry to maintain a high reidentification between requirements and tests. Arttest is particularly suitable for rapidly specifying signal-based tests on a large scale without programming knowledge, executing them automatically and reusing the tests over product generations in large teams.

J-Testr is a highly compact ‘all-in-one’ modular functional test system controllable via JTAG and Ethernet. The small physical footprint and stowage features maximise the use of production space and also makes the J-Testr portable and easy to store. 

The J-Test+ Midi incorporates a J-Testr mounted inside of a medium sized fixture with a base foot print of 465mm x 500mm (465mm x 515mm with extended handle). Even though not as small as the J-Testr+ Mini, these dimensions still make the J-Test Midi easily portable and compact enough to be used as part of an inline production process.

The J-Testr Mini is a truly compact ‘all-in-one test’ solution including all the elements required to perform functional testing of a UUT.​

With a super compact footprint of 315mmx 265mm (315mm X 345mm including the fixture arm) the J-Testr+ Mini does not only save valuable bench/shelf space, but is also truly portable unlike any other test solution currently available on the market.

By introducing the J-Testr+GTI, Eiger Design GmbH adds more functionality to its compact J-Testr Functional Test Platform. The prototype Exchangeable Unit allows testing of prototypes without customization, this ensures engineers can validate their design on arrival of a prototype from manufacturing without any delay.

Functional testing solutions

To complement our line of test solutions, we also offer highly compact ‘all-in-one’ modular functional test systems controllable via conventional functional test software or boundary scan tools. These functional testers are truly ‘designed for test’ and include a unique technology providing high speed system shutdown in cases where the UUT may be at risk of damage. The modular setup of the system allows it to be re-used for a range of target boards for low to medium volume sizes and comes at a price that will surprise any test engineer familiar with test stand development.

Key features of Logic’s Electronics Test solutions:

  • Fast test development
  • Test without firmware
  • Fast board debug and fault finding
  • Test with fewer test points
  • Functional Circuit Test solution for electronics PCBAs /UUTs
  • Supports both volume and high-mix batch production
  • Highly suited to design verification for safe power up and test of prototypes
  • Quick and easy UUT loading solutions
  • Small, lightweight, portable and easy to store
  • Requires maximum of 2 external connections (PSU, Comms)
  • Measurements and test inputs are generated inside the unit
  • Includes a range of highly stable and accurate peripheral cards
  • Communication via Ethernet or native JTAG
  • Includes  advanced protection features for safely powering up PCBAs/UUTs
  • Lower test development and test stand costs
  • Flexible integration into total test solutions

Highly modular functional test systems for embedded developers

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