From Concept to Product Launch in 3 Months – See how Rombit did it! (EW2021 Presentation)

This Roundtable will focus on how the development of a product, initially intended for a specific application, was able to be converted to work for a different application using agile processes and a well thought out design. When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, Rombit immediately altered their roadmap. They succeeded in creating a wearable in no time, with the purpose of avoiding COVID contaminations in the workplace.
Gevorg Melikdjanjan from Logic Technology speaks with Evert Bulcke from Rombit. In the presentation you will find answers to questions like:
Can you tell us something about the original product and for what purpose it was developed?

What made you decide to make adjustments and further develop the Romware device?

How did you approach the development at the time?

Which adjustments were needed in order to achieve the current functionalities?

What were the biggest challenges you encountered during the short period of time you had for the further development of the product? And how did you tackle them?

During the further development of your product you have come in contact with Logic Technology. How did this come about?

In the end, Evert also shares a few good insights:

“A very simple observation: always try to position your product as a solution for a major contemporary challenge. That seems obvious, but it is not. In our technology sector, people often think in ‘niches’. This leads to a lot of expertise but little relevance.

In addition: product management is not the same as packaging functionality. “Oh, look how cool our technology is, it must be important for this and this sector.” It doesn’t work like that. Your ultimate target audience is an end user and they don’t care about technology. They just want their life to be easier.

A small example: we are working on “Connected Worker” applications. Feel free to Google it. Lots of marketing talk about connecting one sensor to another. Very nice to put on your slides, but employees don’t like to walk around like a Christmas tree of sensors and devices. They want simplicity, all-in-one, … 

Last but not least, using the knowledge and tools of a party such as Logic Technology in the field of development tools, embedded software and test and verification tools helps to accelerate your own innovation.”

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