Flash Device Manager

How do you safeguard that the data on your embedded memory devices remains intact over time, after unscheduled system events, when throughput increases and memory begins to fail? How do you secure the data on the device?

When you use raw NAND, a block driver with atomic writes safeguards that data is committed only when it is truthfully written to the media. The driver needs to have a mechanism of wear levelling, to assure that the expected lifetime of the memory device is not cut short. And if memory starts to fail, its bad block management should handle it swiftly. Most of this is handled by the block driver provided to you for free with your NAND device. But is it optimized for both speed and durability? Does it provide secure delete of data? And what if yu are forced to switch to a NAND device from a different vendor?

Don’t worry, there is a Logic Solution to overcome these issues!

Flash Device Managers

FlashFX® Tera is a flash memory manager that frees developers from the volatility and constraints of a single-source flash memory driver, while handling wear leveling, bad block management and other vulnerabilities of NAND flash memory. Versatility allows fast integration with over 300 flash chip part numbers.

The best flash memory solutions for your embedded project.

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