Tuxera Reliance Nitro

Tuxera Reliance Nitro™ ensures rock-solid data reliability while providing the performance needed to create an optimal user experience. It is a transactional file system created specifically for embedded devices where power loss may occur, protecting critical system and user data from corruption. Additionally, Reliance Nitro assures reliability of each metadata block with CRC32, and works with a broad array of storage media – including raw flash memory, eMMC , RAM, hard disk, USB mass storage, STAT and PATA disk, and SD/MMC.

Why choose Tuxera Reliance Nitro

Take control over data at risk

Eliminate data corruption without sacrificing performance. Tuxera Reliance Nitro is a copy-on-write transactional file system, meaning live data is never overwritten. This brings rock-solid fault tolerance, even after an uncontrolled system shutdown or failure. Plus our state-of-the-art Dynamic Transaction Point™ technology gives you compile-time and run-time control, allowing you to customize the balance between performance and data at risk.

Fast mount time

If a power failure should occur, Tuxera Reliance Nitro has a turbocharged mount time. There’s no need to replay a journal or perform any other file system checks – Reliance Nitro always keeps the disk in a known good state. This and other performance features result in faster mount times, especially where there is a random I/O penalty such as on hard disk drives and many types of solid state media, like e•MMC.

Extensive design flexibility

We designed Reliance Nitro to give system developers the freedom to design exactly to their specifications. Our software offers a performance-enhancing discard interface for NAND and NOR, plus support for other block device drivers including RAM, DOC, SD/MMC, and USB. We also provide SDKs for Linux, VxWorks, Windows CE and Windows Mobile, plus the capability to port to any 32-bit real-time operating system (RTOS).

Superior performance

Rapid performance is a hallmark of any powerful file system. Tuxera Reliance Nitro delivers throughput as close to the physical maximum of the storage media as possible. The tree-based directory structure of Nitro enables fast file operations, particularly when working with many small files. Our solution also performs better on sequential writes than FAT, and up to 4X faster on random writes as well. Plus our Smart Discard algorithms provide the best overall performance, without increasing latency.

Ensure reliability with self diagnostics

At the heart of our file system tools are full metadata and optional file data CRCs (Cyclic Redundancy Checks). These diagnostics allow developers to continuously monitor data reliability in any embedded system. Unlike other file systems such as ext4 and TexFAT, Reliance Nitro is capable of monitoring both user data and metadata to detect inconsistencies and provide early warning of imminent flash failure and/or data discrepancies.

Award winning support

Tuxera’s team of file system experts will support you all the way from evaluation to implementation, going above and beyond to ensure your project performs flawlessly and on schedule. Our annual support subscriptions for Reliance Nitro are available with a choice of service level options, so you can select the right degree of support that suits your needs.

Key Features

  • Rock-solid meta- and user data reliability
  • Dynamic Transaction Point technology offers control of performance vs. data-at-risk
  • Extent-based file system for faster file operations
  • Atomic transaction model protects user data and meta data from corruption
  • Boots quickly and consistently even after power loss
  • File and metadata CRC32
  • Secure delete of file data by file
  • Combine with FlashFX Tera for NAND, NOR or FlashFXe for eMMC
  • Easily ported to virtually any 32-bit operating system. Has been used by customers on Express Logic ThreadX, Mentor Graphics Nucleus, ITRON and others. Pre-ported kits available for Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact, Wind River VxWorks, Linux, Android.

For more information on Reliance Nitro, please contact us.