Tuxera Reliance EdgeNAND

Tuxera Reliance EdgeNAND™ is a fully integrated flash file system designed to capture and preserve data on SPI NAND and other software-managed raw NAND flash media. With an integrated flash translation layer that protects your critical system and user data from corruption, Reliance EdgeNAND is specifically designed for maximum reliability – overcoming power losses and keeping your data safe.

Reliance EdgeNAND Flash File System

Why Choose Tuxera Reliance EdgeNAND?

Lightning-fast boot times

Tuxera Reliance EdgeNAND provides faster performance than its alternatives. It’s designed to quickly recover from interrupted program and erase operations at the lowest level, while protecting file system operations at the highest level.

Uncompromising performance

EdgeNAND Embedded flash file system

Our extensive file system testing and benchmarking has shown Reliance EdgeNAND to have superior I/O stability and consistency compared to its alternatives.

Consistent fail-safety

Dynamic Transaction Point™ technology designed into Reliance EdgeNAND ensures rock-solid reliability as the file system maintains complete metadata and file data integrity. Forget replaying a journal or performing any other file system checks – Reliance EdgeNAND ensures your decision-quality data is safe.

Stable and adaptable user experience

Reliance EdgeNAND can be configured to meet your flash data storage needs and ensure an optimal user experience by reducing complexity, optimizing resource use, and maximizing performance. Whether your application requires a single log file or ultimate flexibility to modify file hierarchy during runtime – we’ll tailor Reliance EdgeNAND to handle your specific requirements.

Award-winning tech support

Our technical support professionals are on call to help you every step of the way, from evaluation to implementation – ensuring your project performs flawlessly and on schedule. Annual support subscriptions are available in a variety of options, so you can select the ideal level of support for your needs.

Software dev kit and licensing

Our commercially licensed kits include a comprehensive Developer’s Guide, API reference, and validation utilities – plus full source code. We also offer a variety of licenses for runtime distribution according to your needs.

Technical data and resources

Dynamic and static wear leveling
Includes both dynamic (writes automatically go to the least-used free block) and static (as compared to a threshold) wear leveling. For systems with mostly static data, static wear leveling maximizes flash lifetime. For high data turnover, dynamic is sufficient.
Support for multiple environments

Implementation on any RTOS, or even on a simple scheduler loop.

Compile-time and run-time control

Customize power profiles – change, suspend, and resume transaction profiles at runtime all throughout our API.

Robust error handling

Error correction, error management, and CRCs for excellent handling of read disturb and data retention issues.

ANSI C source code

Highly portable source code means Reliance EdgeNAND can be built with many compilers for faster implementation and rapid time to market.

Lightning-fast flash file systems for embedded systems.

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