Tuxera Reliance Assure – Transactional File System

Embedded systems in safety critical domains – automotive, defense, and avionics – contain increasingly complex software components from multiple vendors and sources. This complexity creates challenges related to software compliance, which is costly and time-consuming. Reliance Assure™ helps you achieve your compliance and reliability goals for developing high-quality, safe systems. With Reliance Assure, we aim to help you reduce the time for certification of your embedded systems.

Our transactional file system solution is precision-engineered to protect mission- and safety-critical data from corruption. Deterministic file system behavior gives you full control of your data-at-risk. Plus it works with a majority of safety-critical RTOSes.

Reliance Assure - Transactional File System

Why choose Tuxera Reliance Assure?

Deterministic data control

All the key file system operations of Reliance Assure are deterministic, providing unprecedented predictability. It’s also a copy-on-write transactional file system, meaning live data is never overwritten – and makes the system extremely power fail-safe. True transactional architecture ensures complete metadata and file data integrity. Plus, Dynamic Transaction Point™ technology gives you full compile-time and run-time control over critical data.

Guaranteed compliance and traceability

Every line of code has been crafted to exact coding standards, such as MISRA C:2012, and was developed following the Automotive SPICE framework. This brings you full bi-directional traceability, code reviews, and verification. What’s more – the available Design Assurance Package add-on gives you a solid document set to build your certification artefacts.

Fast mount time

After power loss or a system crash, the system must recover rapidly to keep the data stream flowing. In these so-called “uncontrolled shutdown” situations, there’s no need to waste time or resources replaying a journal or performing file system cleanup. Whether shutdown is orderly or chaotic, Reliance Assure rapidly mounts to a known-good state, ensuring consistent and predictable boot times.

Award winning support

Customer success is a cornerstone of our values. Our team of file system experts will support you all the way from evaluation to implementation, going above and beyond to ensure your project performs to expectations and on schedule.

Technical Data and resources

Standards compliance

Source code ships compliant to MISRA C:2012. Design Assurance Package available as an add-on. Developed following A-SPICE framework.

Deterministic behavior

Key file system operations are deterministic, providing unprecedented predictability.

Transactional design

Never overwrites live data. Once data is written, it’s always in a determinate state.

Free from journal replays

Mounts quickly and consistently after unexpected shutdown/power loss.

Supported block device drivers

Works with a broad array of storage media including: HDD, eMMC, SD/MMC, NVRAM, USB mass storage, and SATA (or PATA) disks.

Atomic writes

Metadata never points to wrong user data.

Small footprint

Ideal for resource-constrained environments. Configurable to use as little as 4 KB of RAM and 12 KB of code.

When to use Tuxera Reliance Assure

With a small footprint and rock-solid power fail-safety, Tuxera Reliance Assure is the ideal file system for managing and storing any mission- or safety-critical data where certification is a mandatory requirement.

Safety-critical automotive systems
Critical infrastructure equipment
Aerospace and defense applications
Life-supporting medical appliances

Protect your data from corruption with a transactional file system.

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