Date: August 16th, Tuesday
Workshop: Introduction to Simulink Model Based Testing

Online or on location in Wessem (NL) or Aachen (DE)

We, at Logic Technology, and our partner Mindmotiv offer an introduction to Simulink Model Based Testing. In this workshop, we give an interactive tour through the most important functions of the model testing tool Arttest.

We start with an introductory example of how to import and prepare a Simulink model for being functionally tested with Arttest. In the next step, some basic test cases will be elaborated including reference signals for evaluation. Already after a few minutes, you will be able to execute your first simulation and get the first test results. After a short break, we will go through more special features, such as using calibratables, internal signals, reactive testing, assertions, using complex signal types, and more. Finally, we will go through several use cases of ISO 26262 and how to realize them with Arttest.

Please let us know in advance if there is any special topic that you would be particularly interested in. You can try out everything hands-on, we gladly provide a trial version of Arttest to you.

We can offer the workshop online, or in Wessem (NL) of Aachen (DE). Please let us know what you prefer. 

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