Embedded World 2021 DIGITAL: Looking Back on an Educational Week

Previous week was the annual edition of the Embedded World conference, where embedded developers, engineers and manufacturers meet – virtually – to share knowledge with each other and to help each other get the most out of their projects and products.
 Of course we would not want to miss the opportunity to see our valued partners again, as well as the fact that we had prepared several very interesting presentations in cooperation with our partners. The topics we chose this year are some of the ones we consider to be very relevant in todays embedded landscape.
In case you missed our presentations, or if you want to have another look at them, below you will find an overview of what Logic Technology talked about during EW2021.

Embedded Software Quality Trends
Customers expect more functionality and more safety while keeping costs low.
Software is a dominant factor in the successful introduction of new products. Different industries share similar challenges delivering quality products on time.
No matter if you develop in C/C++ or use  Modelling techniques. Integrated solutions help you to optimize your software production, enabling you to meet your exceeding customers’ expectations.

See the entire presentation on Embedded Software Quality Trends.

Functional Safety From The Model To The End-Of-Line
Use Cases from the Frontline of Embedded Systems Development and Testing.
Impeccable functional safety through rigorous testing is a top priority for every ES developer and manufacturer. However, standards and practice are often hard to align, and doing so efficiently is even harder.
For this hands-on roundtable, Logic Technology has gathered users of the functional safety tool Arttest who will give first-hand insight into the challenges they faced in their functional safety process and explain why they chose to rely on Arttest and the embedded testing experts of Mindmotiv to solve them.
Learn how automotive OEMs and SMEs alike use Arttest for anything from large-scale continuous model testing to highly agile small-batch end-of-line tests and how you can benefit from Arttest for your functional safety process.

See the entire presentation on Functional Safety from the Model to the End-of-Line.

Techniques To Safeguard Critical Data In IoT
Making sure your data is secured and accessible under all circumstances
Through different use-cases, environmental circumstances or simply when devices become older, problems may come to the surface that were not visible before. This is not acceptable for devices containing sensitive data. Luckily, there is a logic solution.
Transactional file systems like Tuxera’s own Reliance Edge offer a very high level of reliability, control, and performance for data that is simply too vital to be lost or corrupted. This helps preserve user data in the event of power loss.

See the entire presentation on Techniques to Safeguard Critical Data

Adapting Embedded GUIs To Meet Increased UX Expectations Using Rapid Design And Iteration Technology
One of the main challenges in embedded GUI development is managing the changes in design (iterations) that nearly all projects encounter. Historically, changes at the design level resulted in teams needing to hunt for and replace all changed assets manually within the project. This would result in development delays, changes being missed, and coded behavior being lost.
We will guide you through new technology that does not interrupt your development.
Learn how customers from Medical to Automotive segments have leveraged Storyboard’s Rapid Design Import and Iteration Technology to develop embedded GUI applications that provided outstanding user experiences while getting to market on a tight deadline.

See the entire presentation on Adapting Embedded GUIs to meet Increased UX Expectations

From Concept to Product Launch in 3 months
Being able to bring your product to the market quickly can mean the difference between success or failure. Learn how to speed up development without losing too much sleep.

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