Omnibus IT Development Tools Integration

Requirements Management Tools Integrations

  • Development tools integration lets requirements or user stories become the integral part of entire lifecycle across multiple teams.
  • Connect your requirements management system to other development, testing, delivery and operations tools.
Development Tools Integration

IDE and Code Analysis Tools Integrations

  • Get direct access to requirements, designs, test cases, tasks, and defects in different ALM tools without leaving your preferred IDE.
  • Analyze code quality before check-in directly from the application.
Development Tools Integration

Configuration & Source Code Mgmt. Tools Integrations

  • Synchronize source code management system with other ALM tools.
  • Manage change requests, test cases, defects, requirements, and builds in a collaborative system.
  • Get direct access to SCM artifacts like change sets, file versions from other lifecycle tools.
Development Tools Integration

Build Management Tools Integrations

  • Integrate your Build tool with other software lifecycle tools.
  • Create a synchronized work environment to automate build process and facilitate Continuous Integration followed by DevOps implementation.
Development Tools Integration

Test Management Tools Integrations

  • Integrate your test tool data with requirements, defects, and release tracking systems.
  • Collaborate on issues with developers, business analysts and project managers to accelerate delivery with quality.

Defect Management Tools Integrations

  • Connect your defect tracking system to other test management and project planning tools.
  • Identify defects early in the lifecycle, escalate defect resolution automatically and give real-time updates.

IT Service Management Tools Integrations

  • Sync any of your ITSM tools with software development and delivery tools.
  • Engage in real-time collaboration with developers.
  • Improve Help desk operations by providing continuous updates to customers.

Project and Portfolio Management Tools Integrations

  • Connect your project and portfolio management tools with other lifecycle tool systems.
  • Gain total visibility into portfolio, programs, projects and individual work items of PPM tools from other development tools through integrations.

Agile Project Management Tools Integrations

  • Align project plans and execution with day-to-day development activities and progress performance.
  • Integrate agile project planning tools with rest of the software lifecycle tools.

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