DevOps – ALM

Our DevOps – ALM solutions allow you to get a clear overview of your project at an eye’s glance. Multiple tools and functionalities are connected in one platform, streamlining your development process.

Kovair Integrated ALM

The LDRA tool suite supports you throughout your software development lifecycle. Its software standards compliance, testing and verification tools are based on industry best practices to help you develop high quality safety- and security-critical products.

Kovair ALM is an integrated, collaborative, and mouse click-configurable platform that offers holistic capabilities to all phases of Application Lifecycle Management including Project Management, Requirements Management, Development, and Testing & Quality Assurance.

  • Implement end-to-end Continuous Delivery process breaking all silos by integrating all your existing tools
  • Perform deployment across multiple environments and platforms from one single pipeline
  • Accelerate your build and deployment processes through Kovair task-based pipeline
  • Perform continuous testing with different test automation tools

Omnibus Integration Platfrom is an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) platform for better collaboration, tools interoperability, increased agility and unified product delivery.

Get a clear overview of your project at an eye’s glance.

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