SQL Database Interface

Our eXtremeSQL database interface is a high-performance implementation of the SQL language for eXtremeDB.  eXtremeDB combined with eXtremeSQL is an ideal solution for application development in fields where reliable responsiveness is a must and SQL is the dominant database language.

eXtremeDB with eXtremeSQL can be used as a persistent SQL database, an in-memory SQL database, and as a client/server or embedded database system. 

eXtremeDB in-memory and persistant database


eXtremeSQL can also be used with the provided xSQL program, as a powerful and highly flexible database server and client that can manage local, remote, and distributed eXtremeDB databases.  xSQL is fully configurable through a simple text-based (JSON) configuration file, and can execute SQL statements interactively or via batch scripts. In addition, xSQL supports a variety of commands that exercise eXtremeDB features such as online/incremental backup and restore, performance monitoring and diagnostics, and more. Because xSQL can operate as both a database server and as a client, it provides access to the full breadth of eXtremeDB’s capabilities, without coding.

  • Learn more about xSQL in our online documentation
  • Incremental backup automatically detects the changes in a database, and only backs those up, speeding up that process.
  • eXtremeDB is a flexible database for embedded and client/server
xSQL Configuration Tool
xSQL Configuration Tool (click to enlarge)

The benefits of using eXtremeSQL Database Interface

  • It co-exists with native eXtremeDB. Use eXtremeSQL alongside the eXtremeDB embedded database API in the same system, to take advantage of both maximum performance and higher level access.
  • eXtremeSQL offers support for the extensive library of pipelining vector-based statistical functions for time series data analytics in eXtremeDB for HPC.
  • Compatibility with eXtremeDB High Availability, eXtremeDB Cluster, and eXtremeDB Active Replication Fabric for the IoT.
  • Scalability through sharding and a sophisticated distributed query engine.
  • Advanced JDBC and ODBC drivers
  • All the flexibility of a hybrid persistent and in-memory SQL database system.

Maximize reliability

  • eXtremeDB High Availability offers 99.999% uptime for systems that can’t afford to fail
  • Pipeline data with a eXtremeDB’srich library of vector-based statistical functions.
  • eXtremeSQL and time series data
  • eXtremeDB Active Replication Fabric offers reliable data management for IoT by solving 5 challenges for IoT system developers

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