DBMS for Embedded Applications

Why look for a specific DBMS for embedded devices? For embedded systems software, the ability to support multiple hardware, operating systems, languages and tools is essential. eXtremeDB runs predictably on dozens of hardware architectures and operating systems and is a trusted database system for any embedded platform.


A Reliable Database System Built with Safety in Mind

Designed for use in resource-constrained, mission-critical and safety-critical embedded systems, eXtremeDB has earned its pedigree through a unique combination of features that are not found in any other database system.

Supported OS:

  • Linux
  • Deos from DDC-1
  • EmbOS from Segger
  • QNX
  • FreeRTOS from Amazon
  • VxWorks
  • Lynx OS
  • Green Hills Software INTEGRITY OS

The eXtremeDB kernel

  • makes no dynamic allocations of any kind, so it’s guaranteed not to exhaust memory,
  • uses proprietary, optimized purpose-specific memory managers,
  • has no dependencies on the C run-time or any third-party modules.

Designed for Resource-constrained Embedded Systems

Hardware platforms for embedded systems are often limited in both memory and processor cycles, but still must respond in real-time. The highly configurable and robust eXtremeDB kernel is designed to run with or without an operating system and to include only required features in a small-footprint, performance-optimized run-time.

Essential Database Development Tool

To develop a real-time embedded system, a number of tools are required and a number of techniques are necessary. eXtremeDB is a database development tool that is ideally suited for systems that are safety-critical or have stringent constraints.

Key Features included:

  • type-safe native C API,
  • comprehensive target-side debugging capabilities,
  • host-side real-time diagnostic tools, 
  • optimized data layouts,
  • integrated small footprint embedded web-server,
  • dozens of supported toolchains

Try it for yourself: fast and flexible database management systems for embedded devices