Test contactor Solutions

Our test contactor solutions are a clever combination of cleverly designed baseline test solutions for high-density, high-frequency setups, adapted to your specific requirements. Our portfolio covers all from Test Fixtures and Adapters, Test and Burn-In Sockets, High-Reliable Dockings, Receptacles and Image Sensor Sockets to Full Custom Solutions.

For special device form factors or electrical and thermal requirements, we offer either our unique modular Y-RED® test contactor system or a full tailor-made contacting system.

With sophisticated and smart designs, Yamaichi Electronics provides adapter systems that perfectly meet the challenges of maintaining high-speed signal integrity by means of superior and reliable contact design. The portfolio includes vertical and horizontal test adapters for both burn-in and functional testing. The applicable module standards are SMARC, COM Express, Qseven, SO-DIMM and DIMM as well as custom designs. For these we offer tailor-made solutions.

Test and Burn-In Sockets

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