Logic Technology offers a wide variety of card connectors, internal connectors and I/O connectors. The product range also includes excellent high speed connectors, cables and cable assemblies. We also offer solutions for more specific purposes, such as waterproofness, 90 degree angles and much more. We have the right solution for your application. Let us help you navigate through the details and sort out options. We can help you balance speed, distance, cost and cable performance. Our technical specialists can provide the answers and the products that meet your exact requirements.

Yamaichi Electronics Connectors

We offer a wide IP20/67/68/69K product range for factory controlled industrial applications. Our portfolio includes benchmark breaking signal integrity connectors up to 112G-NRZ(!) This for pluggable module connectors of the CFPx, (Q)SFP and OSFP family. Further, 112G Mezzanine and YFLEX – our high-end flexible PCB (FPC).

Outstanding products for contacting semiconductor devices have been our focus for decades.
Our portfolio includes an ultra wide variety starting with pioneering pin through hole devices from SIP and (S)DIP to ZIP and PGA’s. In our SMT socket portfolio we offer solutions for surface-mounted devices such as SOJ, PLCC, (x)QFP, (x)SO’s, LCC’s, QFN’s and LGA’s with pitches from 0.3mm to 2.54mm.

Looking for high-quality connectors for your next design?

Our connectors for embedded systems are easy-to-use, flexible, compact and cost-effective logic interfaces to connect information between various embedded systems and controllers. These manufacturer products connect embedded applications using a wide range of protocols. We make sure you have the hardware and software to get your project started fast and reduce time to market.