Open Source Software Composition Analysis

With the right tools and processes in place and with advanced technology at hand, it’s easy to develop secure software without compromising on speed or agility; View your components, their vulnerabilities, licenses, and dependencies all in one place for easier monitoring. Understand the impact of each vulnerability so you can easily choose the best course of action.

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Automated Policy Approval

With native integration into all environments, Mend enforces policies automatically, spotting problems before they surface or remediating as soon as they are detected.

Smart Prioritization

Focus on what matters. Reduce up to 85% of security alerts by prioritizing vulnerabilities based on whether your proprietary code is utilizing them, so you can address the most crucial issues first.

Real-Time Alerts

Stop risks before they start. Mend alerts you immediately regarding new vulnerabilities or compliance issues to minimize your exposure to risk.

Swift Reporting

Getting reports is finally easy. Mend automatically generates detailed reports using the most up-to-date data, so your information remains as accurate as possible. With automated reports, you always have the freshest data on hand, save precious time and energy, and become truly agile.


What is SCA and Why is it Important?

SCA tools automatically detect the open source components in your applications and help you manage the different aspects related to your open source usage. Open source components have become an integral part of today’s software development processes. Open source enables companies to build better products, faster. After all, why should you re-invent the wheel when you can just download it from GitHub?
However, it’s still your responsibility to ensure that all of the components in your products are secure and compliant with your company’s policies.
The problem is that verifying that each and every open source component used is secure and complies with your company’s policies has become increasingly complex. That’s because information about open source components is scattered across hundreds of sources with varied levels of credibility, and most databases are not easily searchable.
So how can you get the control you need over your open source usage? Through automation! And this is where Software Composition Analysis (SCA) tools come in.

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Software Composition Analyis

Software Composition Analysis

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