In conjunction with code coverage capabilities provided by the LDRA tool suite, traceability documentation can be produced to demonstrate that all impacted areas have been re-tested to required levels.

This is achieved by taking a baseline copy of the software system under test and then highlighting the impact of subsequent code changes so that any knock-on effects from the change can be tracked and tested with minimal effort.

TBevolve software composition analysis
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Benefits Of TBevolve

  • Facility for identifying and managing software changes
  • Ability to measure and document impact of changes
  • Strengthens Risk Analysis, Risk Management and Impact Analysis
  • Time and effort used for change tracking is reduced

Ultra developed a midlife upgrade of a pre-existing, uncertified, avionics system and faced significant challenges due to the introduction of requirements for DO-178B Level B safety certification coupled with a migration to a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware platform.  The LDRA tool suite was utilised to overcome the identified challenges to develop a safety-certifiable platform running on VxWorks.

-Ultra Datel-

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