Coding Standards

A common way to improve the consistency, maintainability, and overall quality of code is to assess the code against industry- or company-defined standards so that deficiencies can be quickly identified and corrected. While this is often achieved through manual peer reviews, the process can be painful and time-consuming, especially in large projects. If your team is struggling to maintain code quality and consistency, it might be time to take a more rigorous approach.

There are tools that help in the process of enforcing the use of coding standards and guidelines. Selecting the one most suited to your requirements might be challenging. It is important to consider aspects like tool adaptability to variations in languages and language constructs, and the level of involvement of the tool provider in standards organisations such as MISRA to ensure a rapid response with updated rules checking as new standards are released. That’s why we only work with the leaders in coding standards implementation.

Coding Standards
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LDRArules provides transparency into source code, enabling managers, teams and developers to better monitor standards compliance, memory management errors and security vulnerabilities.

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