Circular Connector Y-Circ P Push-Pull with Flexible 90° Cable Outlet

26th February 2021 – The successful series of the Y-Circ P Push-Pull circular connector from Yamaichi Electronics have now been expanded to include a 90° angled cable connector with a flexible cable outlet direction.
 Yamaichi Electronics has been continuously expanding its Y-Circ P circular connector portfolio for years. “When expanding, we always focus on the needs of the market and try to offer our customers the best possible solution,” explains Product Manager Matthias Schuster.

The angled Y-Circ P connectors with the type designation “AB” and “AR” have a flexible cable outlet. It can be oriented in 8 different positions during the installation of the connector. This guarantees an optimal cable outlet direction – ideal in applications with reduced space.

As with all Y-Circ P connectors, the installation is particularly easy, as the elbow consists of two parts. This way the cable has to be bent only at the very end.

Internal coding in the housing enables a robust connector and a long service life with guaranteed 5,000 mating cycles despite the flexible and compact design.

Various standard pin assignments are available for all sizes. Customised pin assignments can be implemented quickly and flexibly thanks to our own production and development in Germany.