Incredibuild and Logic Technology Partner to Significantly Improve Developer Build Times

February 22nd, 2022, Wessem, The Netherlands – Logic Technology, one of the Netherlands’ leading resellers of embedded systems development products, has announced a partnership with Incredibuild, an Israeli company offering a first-of-its-kind hybrid and generic acceleration platform for development processes. …

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Detect and Remediate Log4j2 Vulnerabilities with this Free Developer Tool

Following the high severity vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) reported in the Apache Log4j2 library which was announced last Friday, our partner Whitesource Software has launched Whitesource Log4j Detect, a free command-line interface (CLI) tool to help organizations quickly detect and remediate the …

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What is ALM and PPM, and which tools can help me?

ALM basically deals with the entire aspect of developing, delivering and managing changes to software applications including all the process and governance aspects of performing these functions from managing requirements, coding, testing, storing and controlling the code and releasing it …

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