Build Time Acceleration

The backbone of Incredibuild is what we call Virtualized Distributed Processing™. The principle is simple: when a workload that consists of multiple, concurrent processes is executed with Incredibuild,  the processes are automatically and dynamically distributed across idle CPUs in remote machines across your network or cloud.

Build Time Acceleration

Full integration with other tools

Our build time optimization tools are fully integrable with other development tools such as IDEs, compilers, CI/CD tools, engines, SDKs and unit test frameworks. Of course we will help you set up the system and we’ll be there to answer any questions that may arise.

Build Time Acceleration

Shorter development cycles

Accelerate your build time and cut down your development cycles with build optimization tools from Logic Technology. By distributing the workload across all available idle cores in your (cloud) network, your nightly build turns into a multiple core build, reducing build time up to 80%. Distributed computing works for all build compilation, especially benefiting the gaming sector and other resource-intensive software development.

In the cloud or on-prem

By making use of the idle cores in your cloud network or on-prem network, waiting many hours for your build to ompile is a thing of the past. Using dynamic virtualizaiton technology the tasks are efficiently distributed across the network, making optimal use of your total processing power.

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