Build Time Acceleration

Build time acceleration is the process to speed up compilations leading to more frequent software testing and ultimately to a faster time-to-market. There are several ways to optimize the build time, most of them are based on compiler settings and using faster PC’s and Build Servers with more extensive memory.

Have you ever considered using the idle processing power within your own network environment? We did and came up with a clever solution.

Incredibuild Build Time Optimization

Virtualized Distributed Processing

The backbone is what we call Virtualized Distributed Processing™. The principle is simple: when a workload that consists of multiple, concurrent processes is executed with Incredibuild,  the processes are automatically and dynamically distributed across idle CPUs in remote machines across your network or cloud.

Build Time Acceleration

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Full integration with other tools

Our build time optimization tools are fully integrable with other development tools such as IDEs, compilers, CI/CD tools, engines, SDKs and unit test frameworks. Of course we will help you set up the system and we’ll be there to answer any questions that may arise.

Build Time Acceleration


In organizations with hundreds of computers, the total number of CPUs idle at the same time can run into the thousands. These are idle cores that Incredibuild uses to accelerate time-consuming workloads that are in dire need of computing power. Public cloud and even on machines you work on, our technology works in the background without affecting your work.


The application runs remote processes in a secure sandbox. Everything the process needs to run properly is dynamically emulated by Incredibuild from the local host to the remote computer. Any output generated by the process (standard output, errors, return codes, or generated files) is automatically synchronized with the local host as if the process were running locally.


Maintenance is almost nil. There is no need for VM image banks or copying files, scripts or toolchains to remote computers. It can even work with different types of operating systems. Incredibuild technology does the job for you with ease.


Nothing is installed on remote machines other than a lightweight agent. This means that you don’t need to install Visual Studio, its toolchain, or its source code on remote computers when accelerating Visual Studio builds. This reduces license costs and Incredibuild minimizes storage space on remote computers. In addition, there is no IT maintenance work, so you can seamlessly scale to additional resources on site or in the cloud. This ensures seamless service continuity as users update or change toolchains or workloads.

Shorter development cycles

Accelerate your build time and cut down your development cycles with build time acceleration tools from Logic Technology. By distributing the workload across all available idle cores in your (cloud) network, your nightly build turns into a multiple core build, reducing build time up to 80%. Distributed computing works for all build compilation, especially benefiting the gaming sector and other resource-intensive software development.

In the cloud or on-prem

By making use of the idle cores in your cloud network or on-prem network, waiting many hours for your build to compile is a thing of the past. Using dynamic virtualizaiton technology the tasks are efficiently distributed across the network, making optimal use of your total processing power.

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