Mindmotiv GmbH is a high-tech B2B software provider from Aachen, Germany. Mindmotiv specializes in cutting-edge solutions for efficient model-based embedded software development and testing as required by standards and norms like ISO 26262. Mindmotiv’s customers and clients are OEMs of the automotive, aerospace, and industrial automation domains and their suppliers who want to fully leverage the manifold advantages of model-based embedded development and testing.


Mindmotiv tools

Visit the page Arttest for more information on Mindmotiv’s functional testing tool.

Training and resources

Mindmotiv offers a variety of courses on the general use of Arttest and on specific topics of model-based testing. In small groups, the Mindmotiv experts train your team to become Arttest and model-testing experts as recommended by ISO 26262. In case you are looking to establish a new model testing process or increase the efficiency of your current model testing process, let Mindmotiv’s experts help you in the conception, implementation, and controlling phases of a state-of-the art model testing process tailored to your specific needs.

For more information or to book a training, please contact us