XJDeveloper is an Integrated Development Environment for JTAG test development and execution. Through its intuitive design flow, engineers have easy access to XJTAG’s market-leading interconnection and functionality-based testing technology. This is supported by a large built-in library of device tests, combined with the ability to easily develop additional tests. Advanced fault analysis and visualisation tools are included as standard. XJDeveloper also supports In-System Programming (including XJFlash) of both JTAG devices (e.g. CPLDs and FPGAs) and non-JTAG devices (EEPROMs, flash memory).


Key Benefits

  • Reduce your time spent debugging boards due to high precision fault isolation
  • Improve your time to market and reduce project risk by early design verification
  • Reduce your test development time by reusing tests from prototype/design in manufacturing and field support
  • Ongoing time savings by test reuse across projects

Download XJDeveloper product sheet

XJDeveloper datasheet
XJDeveloper Suggest JTAG Chains
JTAG Chain suggest (click for full size)


  • Advanced connection test
  • Flexible, high-level, test description language
  • Device-centric approach
  • Testing and programming non-JTAG devices
  • Free Test Library
  • No need to understand how JTAG works
  • Program devices
  • Layout Viewer to show the physical location of circuit elements and faulty nets.
  • Schematic Viewer to show circuit functionality whilst developing or debugging tests
  • Integration with custom applications to create a full test system.
  • Supports 1149.1 and 1149.6 devices.

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