Supervyse Systems Management

Scalable Systems Management for embedded Enterprise & cloud Computing

Our Supervyse product family is a suite of scalable and secure systems management solutions. System administrators world-wide utilize Supervyse to gain remote access of computers with BMC (Baseboard Management Controllers) implementing IPMI (Intelligence Platform Management Interface) and DCMI (Data Center Manageability Interface) specifications. Supervyse allows users to monitor server system health and to manage critical events of remote systems via internet browsers.


  • Out-of-Band remote platform management
  • Supports all common industry standards for server management
  • Full-featured KVM and Media Redirection
  • Fan control, sensor monitoring and power management
  • Comprehensive security features
  • Customizable web UI
Supervyse MemoryFP

Supervyse® Memory/FP™

Supervyse® Memory/FP™ is a solution for data centers and CSPs (Cloud Service Providers) using Artificial Intelligence to predict memory failures on server platforms, then alerting IT administrators to act to reduce system downtime. Memory failure can consist of DIMM errors, faults and failures and is a primary cause of server hardware crashes. Even a single hour of server downtime can be extremely costing for service providers, so the ability to proactively monitor memory health can help mitigate server downtime.

Supervyse® Systems Management Solution Delivers

  • IPMI
    • Full Support for all IPMI 2.0 Functions
  • Web Browser Support
    • All leading browsers supported
  • Web Interface
    • A Graphical user interface to control IPMI functions
  • iKVM (Keyboard, Video, and Mouse)
    • Based on the RFB Protocol (Remote Frame Buffer Protocol) for compatibility with Virtual Network Computing (VNC)
  • Virtual Media
    • Redirect USB media requests and responses between the BMC and virtual media client application via a LAN
  • 3rd Party Authentication
    • Remote authentication for web servers with support for LDAP/RADIUS/Active Directory
  • Firmware update
    • Easily upgrade or recover BMC firmware
  • SMASH/CLP – System Management Architecture for Server Hardware
    • Industry-standard protocols that will allow IT professionals to simplify the task of managing multiple network systems in a data center
  • WS-MAN – Web Services Management
    • Open standard defining a SOAP (Simple Object Access protocol) for the management of servers, devices, applications
  • Network Service
    • Full support for all of the LAN functions of the BMC

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