The InsydeH2O “Hardware-2-Operating System” UEFI firmware solution is a complete, lab and field tested implementation of the UEFI specifications and represents today’s BIOS technology being used on Server, Desktop, Mobile and Embedded systems.

Insyde H20 Bios

Comprehensive Tools Help Streamline BIOS Development

As a CPU and chipset technology neutral solution, InsydeH2O allows embedded system makers to select the most appropriate hardware components to meet their market requirements. Additionally, InsydeH2O is a fully Windows compliant firmware solution that employs a true modular architecture, is written in C code, and uses a driver model that enables a wide range of software engineers to be quickly productive. These benefits can facilitate platform design innovation as well as faster time-to-market.



  • The most widely used BIOS UEFI solution in production
  • Architecture facilitates speeds time to market for new platforms and allows for easy hardware innovation
  • Support for the latest reference designs from Intel, AMD and VIA
  • Deploy platforms with multiple OSes with a single secure BIOS
  • Comprehensive support for the latest UEFI, PI and industry specifications
  • Delivers fast boot times, in the low single-digit seconds using our Fast Boot technology
  • Easy to create & easy to use library approach to customization provides easy updates to the next generation silicon or the ability to match perfectly with ODM manufacturing lines

Delivers fast boot times, using Fast Boot technology

Decreasing boot times and operating system load times is now in high demand from consumers, leading operating systems providers, and PC Systems makers. InsydeH2O’s Fast Boot technology answers this demand by offering OEMs and ODMs a new level of fast boot time performance for their new platforms. Derived from over five generations of UEFI BIOS firmware experience, Insyde Fast Boot offers platform designers the most efficient code path for the fastest boot to Windows operating systems.


The H2OIDE tool suite provides a complete IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to edit, debug and compile InsydeH2O firmware. Some key features include new source code build options, a BIOS Setup viewer and a host of new editing tools for developing and customizing flash memory support, GPIOs, ACPI code, IRQs, PCI and other complex BIOS features.


System debug is simplified using InsydeH2O’s diagnostic and debugging software tool called H2ODDT™. Designed by BIOS engineers to ease the task of proving your BIOS is functioning correctly. Source level debug is provided to help engineers investigate code execution. H2ODDT’s unique knowledge of the internal organization of the BIOS allows the engineer to display and modify all structures, tables, settings, and values in easy-to-comprehend formats. Based on years of interfacing with standard and specialty hardware, H2ODDT presents the hardware register files to the programmer with an interactive editor that support “on-the-fly” modifications for hardware debug and testing.


EZH2O gives non-BIOS engineers the ability to work with and modify portions of the BIOS that would normally require a BIOS expert. From adding & removing processor microcode, driver options, modifying logos and splash screens, to swapping option ROMs, EZH2O grants accessibility to platform teams that need to perform limited modifications to their firmware without having to rely on the presence of a BIOS engineer

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