Arttest in the Automotive SPICE Process Reference Model

ASPICE is an internationally accepted process model that defines best practices for software and embedded systems development for the automotive industry.
The application of Automotive SPICE® is a prerequisite for becoming and remaining a supplier of the most European car  manufacturers. Because of the continuously evolving international interweaving of the supplier relations, the application of  the standard has been expanded to Asia and the USA.
Logic Technology provides tools and services to support ASPICE for both MBSE and native C/C++ software development.

Arttest ASPICE Brochure

Embedded Systems Verification Activities
Arttest is a comprehensive and powerful tool for embedded systems testing activities. It is tailored to the signal-based paradigm of embedded systems’ interfaces and interactions and can thus be used in the context of all ASPICE processes that involve embedded systems’ software and/or hardware verification.

Technology-Agnostic Platform
Arttest’s technology-agnostic platform design can interface with the market-leaders in MiL/SiL/HiL development like MATLAB/Simulink and dSPACE SCALEXIO as well as with a wide variety of other platforms from PLCs to FPGAs to custom hard-/software solutions to handwritten C-code.

Automotive SPICE Performance Indicators
…on the example of SWE.4
With Arttest, you can achieve all five process outcomes specified as the SWE.4 (“Software Unit Verification”) performance indicators: The verification strategy based on test specifications that allows for reproducible regression testing; verification criteria in terms of reference signals, tolerances and assertions; automated generation and execution of test cases from test specifications with data recording, logging and evaluation;  bidirectional traceability between tests and software units as well as between tests and test results; export and distribution functionalities that are well-applicable in the context of CI/CD.