Arttest Adresses Functional Testing at the Model Level

Functional testing at the model level has many advantages:  

  • efficient development processes along the V-Model
  • low error correction costs
  • early validation of software requirements
  • support of complex simulations


  • ISO26262-6 compliance requires a wide variety of test procedures, such as closed-loop testing, integration testing or fault injection
  • there is no standardization of test scenarios or specifications to exchange and re-use data across the various test levels and during the entire development process
  • implementing such test scenarios is complex and usually requires a high level of manual effort even from experts
  • the manual effort is so high that it is often neglected until the hardware level, which slows down the development process dramatically and results in much higher costs overall

Arttest is ahead of standards and allows you to bring functional testing to the model level and reuse test scenarios at various levels (MIL/SIL/HIL). As a side effect, Arttest reduces HIL connection time and optimizes the use of expensive H/W resources between different teams/users which again reduces the overall cost.