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Secure File Systems

Tuxera Reliance Edge™

Most of todays’ Embedded Systems provide some sort of Data Processing. In many cases data is stored temporary or for longer periods of time on a physical storage medium like internal flash memory, memory cards or SSD.

Tuxera Reliance Edge™ is the only embedded file system designed to capture and preserve decision-quality data with deterministic behavior required by today’s embedded systems.

A transactional file system, Reliance Edge protects critical system and user data from corruption and adds a level of data encryption against unsupervised access. It provides drop-in support for various RTOS.

Functional Safety

LDRA Tool Suite

When Functional Safety is of importance for your product developed with IAR Embedded Workbench or Arm DS , our LDRA tool suite with compiler support for IAR and Arm is the best solution.

It automates the static analysis, structural coverage and unit test techniques required by functional safety standards such as:

IEC 61508
ISO 26262
IEC 62304

User Interfaces


User interface innovation is critical and going to market with a mediocre touchscreen UX is not acceptable in this competitive landscape.

Storyboard helps product teams to iterate around the application design and enhance the UX with ease, resulting in sophisticated GUIs that deliver exceptional user experiences.

Storyboard discloses its full potential for performant Cortex-M and mid-to-high Range Cortex-A applications developed with IAR Embedded Workbench by separating the UI front end development from the control logic implementation allowing multiple UI front end designs to run on the same application without modifying code.

Embedded Databases


When complex data processing or high data throughput and manipulation are of essence in your embedded systems developed with IAR Embedded Workbench, then McObject eXtremeDB is your choice of embedded database system.

eXtremeDB combines on-disk and in-memory data storage in a single deterministic embedded database system. Developers can optimize applications for speed and persistence, giving you flexibility to prioritize between performance, cost, power, and space-conserving storage options.

When running on a Cortex-A with Linux or other embedded operating systems it offers native and SQL APIs for C, C++, Java and Python.

TCP/IP v4 network stack


SafeTCPIP™ is the first solution of its kind to be implemented according to the Safety Elements out of Context (SEooC) approach.

This method of development focuses on designing reusable software components that can be integrated with systems engineered to meet stringent requirements for safety, quality, and portability.



The Kovair DevOps release orchestration feature helps IAR Embedded Workbench users to automate their compilation, build and test activities.

Tests can be executed local or remote on host or directly on the embedded Target system, with any tool in use including the LDRA Toolsuite® for Static Analysis, Dynamic and Unit Testing. This will reduce errors, lower the likelihood of release failures and creates visibility on the project progress.

Deployed on a Build server Kovair DevOps helps to control and reduce the number of tool licenses required by your development team.

Achieve Full Traceability from Code to Test on every release. Or merge DevOps with an ALM Platform with Kovair.

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