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Working at Logic Technology

Are you looking for an awesome job in the embedded sector? Being involved in state-of-the-art embedded technologies; sparring with a great diversity of companies all over the world; solving complex embedded challenges for our customers with our partners; staying on top with the latest embedded developments; helping customers to stay ahead of their competition; cooperating with top suppliers. That is our area of expertise. Is this a good fit for you? Then it’s time to meet.

Logic Technology is always looking for specialists, motivated to combine technology and sales to join our team. Have a look at the overview below to find the job that suits you best, or simply send your CV to hrdesk at


Agencies that wish to contact us or who have candidates that closely match our requirements as published, please do so ONLY by email: hrdesk at We will contact you if there is an interest. 

In receiving any information from you, please note that we do not accept your terms of business.