Who we are

We are a group of highly motivated team players, dedicated to helping clients to overcome their challenges in the development of electronics and software. We have served over 5.000 customers throughout Europe.

What we do

We enable engineers, designers, managers and board members to focus on what they do best; creating great products!

Accelerate development

We help you to accelerate your product development cycle with tools, software stacks and industrial grade computer modules, off-loading overhead and complexity from the development team.

Increase reliability

We help to increase product reliability with validated software stacks and test tools that seamlessly integrate in your development process.

Strengthen Security

We help to strengthen product security with tools for automated vulnerability checks and test to the highest security standards.

Ensure compliance

We help to ensure product and coding compliance with tools for software certification and architectural license compliance.

Meet our customer care team

Gilbert Gadet

Managing Director

André De Ceuninck

Account Manager

Gilles Hendrikx

Account Manager

Gevorg Melikdjanjan

Account Manager

Angela van den Schoor


Ellen Peeters


The company

We are your partner for ready to use solutions in the field of embedded hardware, -software, development-, test- and certification tools. Through many years of experience our product portfolio includes a carefully selected spectrum of expert and high-performance products. We always come up with the right answer to your challenge.

Logic Technology was founded in 1993. Through the years,  Logic Technology has steadily been able to adapt its product portfolio and stay ahead of new technological trends before the markets adopted them. Today, with embedded, IoT and enterprise systems being interconnected, Logic Technology is expanding its horizon beyond the traditional embedded markets into enterprise technology.

Almost 30 years after its inception, Logic Technology can still proudly say: There’s always a Logic solution!

Secret of our success

Logic Technology has acquired a substantial amount of knowledge and experience as a professional partner in helping you manage your challenges during the development- and lifecycle of embedded products. Our company currently sets the tone in the dynamic embedded tools, test and certification market in Europe. Our team of expert sales engineers and customer-oriented front and back office support staff are fundamental to this success.

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